Vocal Interface - Amazon Alexa Skill


SendMyParcel is an SaaS company started as MyParcel.nl in 2010.

Following an expansion to 20,000+ users in 2015, they were acquired by PostNL. Now, as SendMyParcel.com, they're goal has become "to launch in 14 countries in the next few years"

SendMyParcel supports Small-scale businesses to manage their Shipping Requirements through the software they developed.

With a team of designers and developers, I was tasked to design the user experience for the  software's Vocal Interface with Amazon Alexa.

Project Info 

Client Project

User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Animation, Public-Speaking

The project 

The luxury you have with a Graphic User Interface is that you can SEE where everything is...
– In my own words
Aside from the design of the conversational interface itself- the challenge for the designers of this tool was in the Onboarding: The user education.

Unlike a Graphic User Interface, we couldn't simply clearly label the entry points.

Instead, we designed a Visual Interface- an initial tutorial- which guided the user in the phrasing and commands that would allow them to successfully use the tool.

In addition to this, it was my role as a designer, animator and communicator- to visualize the development structure of our tool for our Product Presentation- and to lead the Presentation itself.