Conversational UI - "Marktplaats Assistant"


Founded in 1999, is the leading general classified ads site in the Netherlands for both used and new goods and services. It was acquired by eBay as a part of the eBay classifieds group on November 10th, 2004.

As a self-guided project and exercise in sharpening my UX Research skills, I analysed the business model of Marktplaats.

I defined a struggle in it's userbase- having noticed a gap in the Customer Journey and  educating their users how to use their product safely and successfully that was leading to bad product perception.

Finally, I conceptualised a scope for the solution to that struggle.

Project Info 

Self-Guided Project

User Research
UX Design
UI Design

The project 

Through a set of interviews and recorded qualitative research, I identified my struggle and researched what Marktplaats currently had in place to respond to that struggle.

I continued by breaking down and analysing the current design (layout and hierarchy) of the Marktplaats Mobile Experience. I optimized the layout of this experience and introduced a feature as a solution.

By making use of Conversational UI: A Chat-bot, installed as an addition to Marktplaats developing Chat component. Marktplaats introduces themselves as both the educator of new and current users, as well as the facilitator of user transactions.