About Eli Hughes 

I tell a better story.

Born and raised in London, England- my earliest memory of putting a pencil to paper is at age 3.
I would draw all over the walls of my sister's bedroom (never my own, of course)- and any stray piece of paper I could get my hands on.

My uncle, Roland, was the first person in my life I remember purposefully nurturing what seemed- not so much an exceptional talent, as a fearsome, unrelenting passion and enjoyment for a child to have. I was obsessed- and my uncle would encourage this obsession by always having a stack of sketchbooks to hand- whenever I would visit him.

My mind, you see, was filled by the cartoons I watched. I would draw and invent entire stories about those characters, draw them into new storylines, and pitch these stories to my mother, sister, or auntie. They were always supportive. No matter how many times I'd bug them.

Although my passion for the work I wanted to bring into the world was -and had always been- in illustration and storytelling, I was convinced early that this wasn't a prospect to build an adult life around. I found the closest thing I felt could give my restless hands their hunger for pencil on paper. To draw as a profession, I pursued Architecture.

Pleased in part by the creativity, drawing and technical parts of the course, I would complete 3 years of a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture. Once employed, however, I would quickly realise that drawing was not what I would spend my days working on, I was instead challenged to manage projects, mitigate on-site issues and contractual paperwork. The product was drawing but the entire process, at least 70% of it, was administration.


  • Illustration
  • Visual Identity¬†
  • Design
  • Animation
  • Storytelling
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I tell your companies' story

Therefore in 2013 I decided to pursue another career: one where I could combine design, illustration, animation and storytelling.

Storytelling and immersive narrative have become a more vital tool for companies and brands to stay top of mind in the heads of their leads and prospects. A brand with a strong story to tell, with a purpose to communicate, is a memorable one.

With illustrative storytelling, I help companies to visualize that story.

From a high-end bar and restaurant in London, to a Marketing Agency seeking to bring awareness to markets large and small and even to giving a hand in the re-opening of a special food experience in Amsterdam- I bring my passion for storytelling to ensure your message meets the eyes and ears of your customers- and remains a fixture in their minds.
"I have a clear passion for storytelling through great design and powerful narrative"
Eli Hughes

Expertise and Software

Illustration, combined Digital and Traditional working process.
Advanced to Expert in Adobe Creative Suite (inDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)
Advanced Photo Editing and Manipulation

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