About Eli Hughes 

My earliest memory of putting a pencil to paper was at age 3.

My uncle was the first person who really nurtured my passion for illustrating. I was obsessed- and my uncle always kept a stack of sketchbooks waiting for me whenever I would visit him.

Although my passion had always been- in design, illustration and storytelling.
I pursued a career in Architecture.

Once employed, I quickly realised that Architecture didn't offer as much creative freedom as I'd been looking for. I was instead challenged to manage projects, mitigate on-site issues and contractual paperwork.

Therefore in 2013 I decided to pursue another career: one where I could combine design, illustration, animation and storytelling.

As a result, I started taking on freelance work about 4 years ago. I recently relocated to The Netherlands looking for a full-time career in Design.

Storytelling and immersive narrative have become a more vital tool for companies and brands to stay top of mind in the heads of their customers and prospects. A brand with a strong story to tell, with a purpose to communicate, is a memorable one.

With illustrative design and storytelling, I help companies to visualize that story.


  • Illustration
  • Visual Identity¬†
  • Design
  • Animation
  • Storytelling

Expertise and Software

Illustration, combined Digital and Traditional working process.
Advanced to Expert in Adobe Creative Suite (inDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)
Advanced Photo Editing and Manipulation

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